Other Services

Other Services

Full Family Membership

Not only are you, the employee or association member, eligible to join, but so are your family members. Share this information with them, or have them contact us directly. Help them to be able to enjoy the same great benefits you enjoy as a member of this credit union.

Home Banking And Mobile Banking

Get information on your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. How would you like to access your accounts, at no cost, from the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world, for that matter? View your accounts and account history, transfer funds, make loan payments, request a check withdrawal, order checks and much more… You will no longer be limited by the hours the credit union is open. Transactions requested will be available on the next business day. Call or stop by to find out how you can access your accounts on line or on your mobile device.

Audio Response System

Audio response is another service that your credit union provides to all eligible members at no cost. You are able to access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any touch-tone phone. As with Home Banking, you are able to retrieve your account balance, search account history, transfer funds, request a check withdrawal and much more… Call or stop by to find out how to set up this easy-to-use service today.

Electronic Bill Pay

Electronic Bill Pay is a way to pay your bills on line, from the comfort of your own home, anytime, day or night and at no cost to you. Safe, simple and secure, electronic bill pay saves you time and money. Its bad enough you have bills to pay. Why have to pay, to pay your bills? Call or stop by the credit union to set up this valuable service today.

VISA ATM/Debit Card

We offer all qualified members the convenience of 24-hour access to the funds in their share draft account. With your VISA ATM/Debit card, you can make cash withdrawals, deposits or just check on your balance. You can make purchases using your card at locations that display the VISA logo. You may use your card to get cash at any ATM terminal that displays the VISA logo. Your card can be used at thousands of locations around the world.

Payroll Deduction

A great way to save, an even better way to repay a loan. You set the amount you want deducted and let us know how you want it distributed. Check with your employer for availability.

Direct Deposit

Arrange for payroll, Social Security, pension, dividend checks or any recurring check to be directly deposited to your share draft account. Avoid standing in line. Save time, save money. Start Direct Deposit today.

Investment Planning

Many of our members are in need of long-term, objective advice. Our independent Certified Financial Planner, Michael Ward, is available for a free consultation. He can help determine what investment allocation strategy is right for you.

Tax-efficiency Planning

Assisting our members in minimizing taxes by utilizing various investment strategies and techniques is another service offered. Whether you are rolling money into an IRA, or interested in stretching the payments from an IRA to your beneficiaries, we can help.

Long Term Care Insurance

Protect your assets without giving them away with effective estate planning. By offering non-proprietary products, we can shop the long-term care insurance providers to make sure you get the best value for your premium.

Portfolio Review and Analysis

Whether you already have an advisor or are simply looking for a second opinion, we can assist you in identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your portfolio. We look at your individual situation and advise you on the amount of risk versus potential return you should be taking in your portfolio.

Individual Stock and Bond Transactions

Thinking of buying or selling an individual security? Do you want advice from a professional instead of generic hype from the internet? Think of us! Our discounted fee schedule lets you buy or sell securities with professional advice while offering savings compared to typical full service brokers.

Fee-based Investment Management

We offer access to a variety of fee-based, managed investment accounts designed to meet the needs of the individual investor.

Notary Service

Ever need a notary and not know where to go? Come to your credit union. We have a qualified notary on staff.  Call for an appointment.

Bank by Mail

Where payroll deduction is not possible, many members make loan payments and deposits by mail. Request the convenient bank-by-mail envelopes with your next deposit. We’ll be happy to send you a supply. You can also request withdrawals that we will send to you by US Mail.

Automatic Transfers

This is an easy and convenient way to transfer money between accounts. With Direct Deposit being deposited to your share draft account, you may want to automatically transfer money from your share draft account to any one of your many other accounts or loans. Remember, any loans paid by automatic payment with a term up to 60 months will receive a .25% discount.

Wire Transfers – Domestic

Wire transfers are transfers that are sent from one financial institution to another financial institution. For a fee we can wire funds anywhere in the United States. Provide us with a destination and the wiring instructions. We will see to it that the funds are sent. Check for same day cut-off times.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

This program offers you $1,000 free accidental death insurance coverage. You also have the option to purchase additional insurance at a minimal cost. Watch your mail for an invitation to the AD & D Insurance program.

24 Hour Answering System

Call us anytime, day or night. We may not always be here, but we will always answer your call.

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If buying or selling – stop in anytime – we are always available to assist you. You can access these links by going to our website to the Links page and click on the link for either NADA or Kelly Blue Book for valuing any vehicle.