APR refers to the annual percentage rate or the dividend rate.
APY refers to the annual percentage yield.


Rates as of 12/12/2017.
Rate Description Term Dividend Rates APY
Share Certificate 6 Months $1,000 Minimum 0.60%  0.600% 
Share Certificate 12 Months $1,000 Minimum 0.75%   0.750%
Share Certificate 24 Months $1,000 Minimum 1.25%  1.260% 
Share Certificate 36 Months $1,000 Minimum 1.55%  1.560% 
Share Certificate – Not Currently Offering 48 Months $1,000 Minimum    

NOTE: Early withdrawal from certificates will be subject to a 90 day dividend penalty.

Members should call the credit union to verify rates.

Contact your credit union to find out if there are any fees on these accounts that could reduce your earnings.